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1996- 2001 Collective farm “Communist” by agronomist I organized planting and sawing crops, I managed by 249 employees? I was the second face after the chief of the farm.
2001- 2003 Agriculture college in Ireland on the piggery farm by manager of the part of the farm which responses for saws and farrowing house. My duties where to keep good reproductive of pigs and I improved warrowing of piglets from 27, 5 to 33 piglets per saw per year
2003- 2005 The pig farm in Ukraine by manager of the whole farm. I responsed for farrowing and gilts parts of the farm
2005- 2006 On the piggery farm in Denmark, my duties where to take care of the saws and piglets in farrowing house gilts
2007- 2008 In Ukraine on the large piggery farm “Niva Pereyaslavshchiny” by co- manager of the finish part of the farm, I took care and looked after pigs which went to slaughter hose. I’ve got very good experience in work with Danish equipment on that farm such as system of SKOV company, SPIRAFLEX, EGIENBERG and some another Danish systems.
2008- 2009 “Agroclimate Ukraine” company by trade and set manager. I lad outlet negotiation between Danish companies SKOV A/ S, SPIRAFLEX A/ S and Ukrainian farms

Driver’s license: Yes