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2004 – 2008 Information Systems Management Institute ISMA
(Business Administration)
2001 – 2004 High school of Ventspils Nr. 2
1992 – 2001 Secondary School of Ventspils Nr. 6

Additional Education:

SGS OGC Level1 (Online (2010))
Sale school (Nashville, TN, USA (2007))
English language courses “Meridian” (1998- 2001)
Real Estate courses (2007)
Driving License “B” (since2006)

Skills and Experience:

Knowledge of Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista. Knowledge of most e- mail packages. Perfect use of Microsoft office 97, 2000, 2003 (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point etc.), Acrobat Reader. Knowledge of Internet and through that I try to keep myself updated in terms of daily news, new technology and ideas.

I experienced four different environments and cultures in Latvia, Russia, USA and England. I copied easily with various aspects of life. I dealt effectively with people from all around the world. From the early start of my working experience co- operation and success were vital ingredients of my work. During my stay in England I got in touch with different ways of life, religions and ethics. I consider myself, open- minded and with no prejudice for anything. I believe in the notion of a the team as gathering to share knowledge, ideas and experiences in order to succeed to our targets, we all have a share in the success and all we have a share in failure. I used to work with my teem effectively and productively mostly through a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Analytical and problem solving skills
During my work experience I was challenged by a big quantity of facts and results that I had to evaluate. I did not lose my self and I reached effectively either alone or in combination with my colleagues. I developed my negotiation skills dealing either with unsatisfied customers, highly demanding suppliers, etc.

Targets and deadlines always are a fact that makes the difference and the effectiveness of a person. I have developed those skills through my work experience, where time matters and effectiveness is a matter of existence. I am not afraid to work hard, even under pressure, until I reach my goals.

My target is to contribute my best effort in areas that my presence will pursue an effective accomplishment. I am not afraid to take the lead; it excites me to guide others to the fulfilment of our intentions and targets.

Work experience:

2009 (14Apr) – 2011 (27apr)
SGS Latvia ltd (Oil Gas and Chemicals Services)

Terminal Inspector
Responsible for performing quantity determination inspections of ships, barges and pipeline transfers of petroleum, petrochemical and chemical products.

ALDI ltd.
Store Deputy Manager
Merchandising, Running the busy environment store on a day to day basis, customer service, organizing staff shifts, etc.

2007 (October) — 2008
ISS International
Customer support department
(Shift leader)
Monitor the work of the operators in the shift and assist them in case of problems or questions. Solving customer issues online. Checking/ processing customer data.

2007 (4 months)
Southwestern company (USA) Independent Contractor
Gained experience in direct sales and in running my own business as a door- to- door salesman. Directly communicating with customers, cash handling and report writing.
Received “Gold sealed gold award” – for great achievements during summer and for working 80 hours a week..

2006 (4 months)
Flamingo Land ltd, (England) Position: Supervisor in a restaurant Duties: organizing waiters work, dealing with customer’s problems, being in charge in a restaurant’s front house

2005 (4 months) Flamingo Land ltd, (England)
Position: catering staff
Duties: work with the clients, till operating, making orders, cashing up the till


I am proactive person who is polite, friendly, enthusiastic and approachable. I am independent in tasks that I am set to do and I can work on my own initiative. I am hard working and always willing to learn new skills to enhance my career. I am fluent in three languages, Russian, Latvian and English.
I have no commitments; therefore I am willing to travel. I am well mannered, punctual and I work equally as well on my own or as part of a team. My hobbies and interests include music, socializing, reading, tourism, judo, visiting the theatre, snowboarding, going to the gym and sight seeing.
If you are seeking a new employee who is hardworking, assiduous and willing to learn then I would be happy to work with you